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Moto Wheelie has crossed 25,000 downloads on the iOS and tvOS App Store

25,000 !!! Another small milestone for Moto Wheelie. We would like to thank all our fans and users who have downloaded and enjoyed our game..  

Moto Wheelie version 1.042 adds support for French, Spanish and German

Now available on the iOS and Apple TV AppStores, both Moto Wheelie Free and Moto Wheelie now have support French, Spanish and German languages. They also have numerous bug fixes and enhancements for better showing your scores and achievements.

Moto Wheelie crosses 20,000 downloads on the App Store

Another milestone for Moto Wheelie.. 20,000 downloads!! We would like to thank all our users and fans for downloading and playing the game.    

Moto Wheelie is 1 year old, crosses 15,000 downloads

Thanks to everyone who downloaded and played Moto Wheelie. It’s been a year since the release and we are proud to announce that the game has officially crossed 15,000 downloads and still going..

Moto Wheelie Free released for the Apple TV

The weekend sale is done for the paid version. For those who missed it out on the Apple TV, we just released the free version, which is fully featured with the exception of the occasional recharge wait in between games.

Moto Wheelie released for the Apple TV and Weekend Sale..

We are proud to release Moto Wheelie for the Apple TV. The game looks beautiful in all it’s HD glory and works great with the new Apple TV remote. Celebrating the release, the paid version of the app will be on sale for the weekend available as a FREE download. Get it while you can..

Moto Wheelie Free 1.02 update

We just released version Moto Wheelie Free version 1.02. We listened to your feedback and now have provided you with the option to skip the recharge by opting to view an ad.

Moto Wheelie reaches 10000 downloads

Moto Wheelie just crossed 10,000 downloads on the iOS App Store. And still going strong..

Moto Wheelie 1.01 update

Get the latest update for Moto Wheelie on the iOS App Store. Version 1.01 adds the game center button in the high scores list after you finish a game, making it easier for you to check your leaderboard standings in between games.

Moto Wheelie released on iOS App Store

injiti is proud to announce the release of it’s first game, Moto Wheelie. Help Maya navigate the inner world of a computer performing high flying stunts on a cyber bike..